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Boosters / Committees & Program Information

Board Members


Tracy Bette

Vice President

Dena Durante


Stacey Ahsmuhs


Kelle Simonian


Tracy Costanzo


The El Dorado Girls' Volleyball Program supports helping students in every grade to compete as well as develop their skills to the next level. Our Volleyball program has compiled an impressive winning record over the years, but more importantly, it has provided our girls the opportunity to experience the value of teamwork, and personal responsibility while sharing great life experiences. We are very proud of our girls’ achievements both on and off the court and the hard work of all the coaches and our volleyball parents who helped make this program an overwhelming success.


Student-athletes are encouraged to build independence and assertive skills by self-advocating their volleyball experience. The coaching team is open to student and parents respect the 24-hour courtesy “cooling off period regarding any discussion of potentially difficult player problems including play time, team position/placement and team mate disagreements. Please refrain from such communication during a game or immediately prior/after a game or on the court. Any potential violent or threatening circumstances MUST BE communicated immediately and are NOT included in the 24-hour courtesy rule.


El Dorado Girls' Volleyball primary support is the parent booster organization. This not-for-profit volunteer group is responsible for funding, organizing and communicating a vast majority of the program’s needs. Parents are encouraged to participate in the booster organization to ensure a strong program for future El Dorado Hawks


Many hands make light work! Please help support the El Dorado Girls' Volleyball program by donating your most valuable commodity – your time. Please help out by signing up for a committee chair position or volunteering to assist with a variety of game day activities. Volunteering is a great way to be more involved with your athlete’s high school experience and to connect with other El Dorado Hawk parents! Stay connected!

Fundraising Pledge

Each athlete is strongly encouraged to meet the minimum fundraising pledge amount during the season. Our working budget is based upon these amounts and an inability to meet these minimums will directly impact the volleyball program.



Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out 

El Dorado High School Girls' Volleyball Booster


PO Box 27, Placentia, CA 92871-0027 

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